I specialize in impressive graphic work, internet marketing & beautiful, usable websites & interfaces.





Contact & Project Info:
Contact me and give as much detail about your project as you can. You may also leave your contact information and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.
Rate & Timeline:
I will work with your budget and timelines while still creating a unique and captivating design. If you have a hard deadline in mind, let me know, and I can work with it in most cases.  Upon your acceptance, I'll require 50% down payment of your projects cost. Once received, I will get started immediately! Revolving work will be billed on a monthly basis.
Concept Presentation:
This will be your first glimpse of your project. I’ll explain my motivation and let you take some time to form an impression before I get your feedback. Your initial response is always great, however it is usually best to ponder the design for a while after your first reaction and assemble your revisions (if any)


Adjustments & Modification:
It’s normal to seek some fine-tuning here and there on your design.  Color adjustments, new font style ideas and image variations are all part of the process to ensure an end result that will suit your style and your business needs.


Printing & Publishing:
Once I have your final approval on the design I’ll prepare print-ready files for you to print, either through third party printers or your own supplier. (For Web Design your site will be published live on the world wide web). 
Your final payment is required within 10 days after completion date.


Like & Refer:
If you like the services I have provided to you, refer me and I'll provide you with a discount on your next order.
Conditions apply.


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